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August 2010 Hot News

2 - 7 August 2010

Clarinet &  Klezmer in the Galilee  Music Festival in Israel with Giora Feidman

Safed, Israel

        The seventh Galilee Klezmer Festival took place with an enthusiastic turnout of players from all over the International scene with legendary founder and Artist Director Giora Feidman, noted as the one responsible for the re-interest of this Ethnic music and its growing popularity.  Like the previous festivals, all documented in past August Hot News Pages, emphasis was geared to expanding the artistic horizons of the students in covering master classes in Classic, Jazz, and Klezmer, all of which opened eyes and ears to the relationship of each in their playing.  OPen participation in classes and concerts held throughout the week afforded positive experiences for all and to large audiences who came to the nightly performances in several locations in Safed.  Exploration of Jewish traditions with visits to synagogues and playing music there added to the benefits.  As the photo gallery above indicates, the program was very inclusive and varied.    Coming to this festival would be very beneficial to grow artistically and be in association with icons such as Maestro Feidman and the great faculty gathered here.


2 - 7 August 2010

Buffet-Crampon Summer Clarinet Academy

Jacksonville, Florida USA

         The fourth Clarinet Academy presented by Buffet-Crampon held at the University of Northern Florida, under the Directorship of Francois Kloc, Artist Director, Mitchell Estrin, Professor at the University of Florida, Matt Vance, Woodwind Product Specialist, and Mary Marshall, Logistic Specialist, was probably the most important Festival to date with a stellar Faculty representing all the major facets of Clarinet performance including Orchestral playing on all the Clarinet family instruments including Bb, A, Eb, and Bass Clarinet.   All the 20 student participants were by audition screened, and to be given private instruction by such world class luminaries as Stanley Drucker of the New York Philharmonic, Andre Moisan of the Montreal Symphony, Ixi Chen from the Cincinnati Symphony, Dan Gilbert, former 2nd Clarinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra and Professor at the University of Michigan, and Jonathan Gunn from the Cincinnati Symphony.   In addition, Master Classes were held each day with each of the faculty and in addition sessions on Mouthpieces and reeds given by Professor Estrin, and Clarinet maintenance given by Francois Kloc and Bruce Markin.   The educational value from this week is extraordinary where musical and technical skills are brought home by each of the students.  It cannot be emphasized enough the critical importance of attending and participating in this program.  For those who are not screened, auditor status is encouraged to reach those involved in playing and teaching.  The value of supreme Clarinet role models is obvious here.

          There were recital performances during the week with each of the faculty, and two Student recitals performing prepared material studied during the week.  All private lessons were 1 on 1 with the faculty and each student had a lesson with each faculty to get diverse viewpoints to make possible their growth.    A visit to the Buffet Headquarters in Jacksonville made possible a tour and possibility of trying instruments. 

           Aside from the serious business of musical preparation and performance, the atmosphere and comradship amongst all, including a pool party and socializing, made this week event special for everyone.  This program is one of the most important intensive Clarinet events of the year, certainly to be repeated each year.  Credit is due to the Buffet hosts Francois Kloc, Mitchell Estrin, Matt Vance, and Mary Marshall. 



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