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29 August 2007

Festival on the Gulf held 19 - 28 August at the Passarelli Foundation Institute of San Marco di Castellabate (Salerno), Italy with Professors Eva Wasserman and Luigi Magistrelli

Salerno, Italy

       The courses were held at the Passarelli Foundation Institute of San Marco di Castellabate (Salerno) The Institute is situated in a large private park containing a swimming pool, tennis courts, sports field and resort areas, the use of which was free to all participants, and is in the vicinity of the beach which has both a rocky coast and sandy beach area. The nearby ruins of Pestum are an important tourist site. This made for a vacation and a fine learning environment for all involved.

       During the courses, the students had the opportunity to participate in concerts which took place during the last five evenings and upon completion of their course, all students received a diploma. It was the only summer course where one got a lesson every day unlike other workshops.  Eva Wasserman-Margolis and Luigi Magistrelli, both outstanding performers and pedagogues, taught the students and made a difference in improving the potential of those who attended and participated

Vanancia Ruis and Director Tie Bai

Clarinet Choir at Festival Opening

Clarinets Ad Libitum from Portugal

Nathan Williams in Clarinet Quintet Performance

Clarinet Choir from Seoul, Korea

Steve Cohen in Recital

Hais Lee in Recital

Fernando Jos Selvier from Brazil

Mario Marz in Recital

Venancio Ruiz from Spain

Eddy Vanoosthye as Clarinet Soloist with Clarinet Choir

Robert Spring as Soloist

Jan Jacub at Exhibits

Lanzhoe Clarinet Choir

Taipei Saxophone Ensemble

23 August 2007

China International Clarinet/Saxophone Festival III

Beijing, China

        This recently developed Festival of Clarinetists and Saxophonists, in its 3rd year,  manifested itself as a huge success, and featuring major Clarinetists from the International stage, along with major teachers from around the globe.  The above galleries show  many of the artists who gave recitals and performed as soloists with several ensembles, including Clarinet Choirs.  Many of the artists are below listed:

Eddy Vanoosethye, Renowned Belgian Clarinet Soloist and Clarinet Choir Director

David Howard, clarinet at Los Angeles Philharmonic, USA (USA)

Venancio Rius, clarinet professor for the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, Oman (Spain)

Jan Jakub Bokun, clarinet professor at Wrocław Academy of Music, Poland (Poland)

Steve Cohen, professor of clarinet at Northwestern University, USA  (USA)

Robert Spring, clarinet professor at School of Music, Arizona State University, USA (USA)
James Gillespie, Regents Professor of Music, College of Music, University of North Texas, USA (USA)
Joan Enric Lluna,
professor at Royal College of Music, Britain (UK)

Jane Carl, Associate Professor of Clarinet University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA (USA)

Im Soo Lee, principal clarinet at Seoul Philharmonic, Korea (Korea)

Florent Heau, assistant professor at Paris Conservatory of Music, France (France)

Nathan Williams, instructor of clarinet at the Interlochen Arts Academy, USA (USA)

Sergio Bosi, Italy (Italy)

ming Liao,Zeng bass clarinet (USA)

Clarinets Ad Labium, Portugal (Portugal)

Guest accompanists:

Steven Harlos, piano professor of Music, College of Music, University of North Texas, USA (USA)

Jackie Koo, piano professor of Cal State University, Los Angeles, USA (USA)

String Quartet of Korea, (Korea)

Honor student players :

Yaoguang Zhai, Curtis Institute of Music, USA (China)

Jennifer Chung, University of Southern California, USA (USA)

Joo Hee Cecilia Kang, University of Southern California, USA (Canada)

        Great credit for organizing this program goes to Tie Bai; this festival was held at the Chinese Agricultural University in Beijing.  This is an annual event deserving serious attention and also a chance to visit China.  In addition to performances, Master Classes, lessons, and performances,  Industry exhibitions were held throughout the week.

13 August 2007

Internationale Klarinettentage

Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland

       A major week of high caliber musicmaking and intensive musical / clarinet study and concerts took place in this small Swiss town in the Swiss Alps, directed by major Swiss Clarinetist and pedagogue Bernhard Rothlesburger, with guest artists and noted Professor from the University of Iowa in the USA Maurita Meade, who brought ensemble music and introduced music from Latin America along with interesting arrangements.   Unique in this program is the location in this beautiful country and the relaxed environment to concentrate and make friends. The spread of students came from Switzerland, Spain, and other European countries nearby.  This weeklong activity could be a best kept secret as enrollment is limited.   

Franklin Cohen in Performance and Meastro Feidman in Performance in Jerusalem

13 August 2007

Clarinet &  Klezmer in the Galilee  Music Festival in Israel  with Giora Feidman

          The 4th successful Festival under the hand of Giora Feidman, the worldwide known 'King of Klezmer', took place with a large entourage of students and distinguished faculty including Cleveland Orchestra's renowned Soloist and Principal Clarinetist Franklin Cohen, Berlin Klezmer assistant to Mr Feidman Helmut Eisel, Mosha Berlin, an inspiring source for Giora Feidman's role in the rebirth of Klezmer, Ilan Schul, Professor of Clarinet at the Jerusalem Conservatory,  Eva Wasserman-Margolis, International authority on Clarinet Tonal development, Raul Jauren, Professor at Bandoneon and member of Feidman Quartet and expert in Tango music, and others as listed on the programs.  Intensive lessons, master classes, rehearsals, and sessions covering jazz, klezmer, and classic were covered daily with performances each evening in Safed at the principal performance site and in Jerusalem for the Finale in honor of Klezmer musicians lost in the Holocaust.   Students and faculty both inter-connected on performances with close collaboration with Feidman, who is known for having unlimited energy in his performances.  Hanan Barsela, managing Director of this Festival, is credited with logistical success in collaboration with the Safed Foundation in Israel.  As with past festivals, the emphasis for all concerned was the active appreciation and application of musical expression through exposure to klezmer, jazz, and classical study.  A complete soul filled musician should be able to perform and understand the value of all 3 venues, and to have such a notable faculty power base to teach it is unprecedented.  Given this success, next year is anticipated.


University of North Florida

Academy Faculty

Academy Students

Class session

Laurie Bloom

Forteza lesson

Mark Nuccio and student

Nuccio in Class

Spaendonk lesson

Master Class session on Clarinet Maintenance with Francois Kloc

10 August 2007


University of North Florida

Jacksonville, Florida USA

      A Premiere Landmark Academy for the Advanced up and coming Clarinetist was held at this campus under sponsorship and artist-class management by Buffet-Crampon USA under Director Mitchell Estrin and Francois Kloc, North American Artist Manager, with a faculty consisting of Buffet Artists including members of the New York Philharmonic (Mark Nuccio and Pascual Martinez Forteza), the Dallas Symphony (Gregory Raden), Laurie Bloom (Chicago Symphony), Ronald Van Spaendonck from Belgium, and many others.  24 students ranging from age 17 - 24 were pre-selected based on application and CD audition submissions where over 50 applied to participate.  Teacher to Student ratio was 4 to 1, making for a highly intensive lesson, master class schedule and practice preparation to make the week productive for all involved.  Many areas of concentration were covered including the student taskings, chamber music and solo rehearsals and performances, classes on Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Reed fixing and maintenance, Instrument care and maintenance given by Francois Kloc, a master repair artison for Buffet in France, and many other activities.  More information upcoming as information received. 


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