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April 2011 Hot News

Ricardo Morales with his many friends and colleagues including in top gallery Julian Bliss, Richie Hawley, Julia Heinen and Morrie Backun, Stanley Drucker and Sergio Bosi.  Bottom row with Franklin Cohen, Mike Getzin, and Karl Leister.

26 April 2011

Ricardo Morales, Solo Clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra and former Solo Clarinetist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra named Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic succeeding Stanley Drucker made Official 26 April 2011

New York City USA

         An historic day in the Clarinet world sealed up the appointment of near legendary Ricardo Morales with his signing on with the New York Philharmonic and ending a tortuous search for successor of legend Solo Clarinetist Emeritus Stanley Drucker who served for 61 years, 49 years as principal Clarinetist.  Shoes like this are near impossible to fill given Drucker's incredible track record of Solo Recordings and almost impossible to match talent as a total player as Orchestral Solo Clarinetist, and Chamber Music artist.  Ricardo Morales brings to the Philharmonic an incredible history as Opera Solo Clarinetist at the Met and high visability tenure and credential from the Philadelphia Orchestra along with his extensive Soloist  virtues.   He is the perfect fit.    He has been active as a solo and teaching clinician at many Festivals and has been on faculty at Juilliard, Curtis Institute, and Temple University.  More information below from the New York Times dated today.  Ricardo Morales is an Artist VIP with the World Clarinet Alliance. 

April 26, 2011, 10:41 am

New York Philharmonic Hires Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales and the New York Philharmonic have finally closed the deal. The orchestra back in October offered Mr. Morales one of the stars of the Philadelphia Orchestra the job of principal clarinetist, a key position that had been open since the end of the 2008-9 season. A spokesman said today that Mr. Morales had signed a contract and would officially start in New York in September 2012 once his obligations end in Philadelphia. The orchestra hopes to have Mr. Morales play some weeks on an ad hoc basis next season and possibly as early as this summer. The loss of Mr. Morales will be another blow to the Philadelphia Orchestra, which this month filed under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy laws. New York operagoers may be familiar with his sound. He was a principal in the Metropolitan Opera before going to Philadelphia.


22 April 2011

Zurich, Switzerland


           The 2nd Newsletter posted by this new European Association, patterned Internet-based like the WKA is posted in the above gallery to inform the community of their upcoming activities which should be read and participated.  Many festivals, master classes  and workshops are posted and in their website.  President of the ECA is Swiss Clarinetist and Composer Matthias Mueller, also an Artist VIP with the World Clarinet Alliance.

Larry Combs and Julie DeRoche in Master Classes with Students and Chamber Ensembles

Master Class session on Practice tips with Dr Daniel Paplowski

20 - 21 April 2011

Clarinet Legends Conference with Guest Artists Larry Combs (Solo Clarinetist Emeritus in the Chicago Symphony) and Julie DeRoche, Clarinet Professor and Chair of the Woodwinds at DePaul University at Wright State University, Dr Randall Paul, Director

Dayton, Ohio USA

           The second Clarinet Legends Conference was just held with Artist Guests from Chicago Larry Combs from the Chicago Symphony, and close colleague and musical collaborator Julie DeRoche, Woodwind Chair at DePaul University where Combs is also on faculty. Special about this musical friendship is the longstanding collaboration as former student and co-member in the Chicago Symphony and being active as a chamber and solo player together and also active in teaching and master classes together giving a co-critiquing the students, which happened here with those involved in the master class.  This idea worked well as the students got reinforcement and added tips for their own improvement.  The galleries show the happenings and one can sense the intensity of the classes.   Two chamber ensembles went under the critical scope and were given help in refining their ensemble playing including issues such as balance within themselves, intonation fine-tuning, phrasing ideas and more.  A Schubert work arranged for 10 Instruments (like the Gounod Symphony for Winds) had a critique for the Conductor of the group and the players with a score followed by Combs and DeRoche.  During the Wind Trio coaching it was emphasized in direct terms about bringing a score, as there was critical coaching without it and the results were still effective.   A later Master Class on Practice tips and how to correctly and effectively practice, with a handout about these steps, was given by Dr Daniel Paplowski, a member of the Indianapolis Symphony and other Orchestras and Professor.

             The recital/concert featured host Director Randall Paul performing together in a Mozart Trio arranged for 2 Clarinets and Bassett A Clarinet followed by a Duet work named Diversions by composer Andrezej Anweiler. The second half featured Soloists Combs and DeRoche in the Franz Krommer Double Clarinet Concerto Op 91 with the Wright State Chamber Orchestra under Conductor Jackson Leung, a Professor in the School of Music.   The evening was memorable for its brilliant total performance and enthusiasm shown by the audience.  Major credit for this whole Legend affair goes to Host Randall Paul, and to Val Hattemer, who underwrote the entire 2 days.  He has been a generous donor for several musical activities here and at other major events including the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium and has donated to renovations and bought instruments for schools to improve their programs.  In recognition for this support and generosity, he was named an Artist VIP with the World Clarinet Alliance.

         This festival this year holds the same prestige as the first one held last spring with the appearance of Stanley and Naomi Drucker.  Dr Drucker retired from the New York Philharmonic after 61 years as a member, and Solo Clarinetist for 49 years of this tenure.  Larry Combs retired from the Chicago Symphony after 35 years.  Both have stellar careers as soloists and have contributed much to the clarinet life in the United States.  This is a landmark program never to be missed whenever it's held.


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