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October 2010 Hot News





14 - 17 October 2010


6th  Savario Mercadante International  Clarinete Competition - Antonio Tinelli, Director


Noci (Bari) Italy



From October 14 to 17 in Noci (Bari) was held the 6th International Clarinet Competition "Saverio Mercadante" with the participation of over fifty young clarinetists from Italy, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Japan and Korea.


The JUNIOR SOLOIST section has seen the triumph of the fifteen years Spanish soloist Saulo J. Guerra Marrero, second another Iberian talented the clarinetist Juncal Salada Codina and Italy was awarded the third prize with the Lucio Brancati from Sicily. Not assigned the first prize for the SENIOR SOLOIST even in the presence of a high level, in fact, won second prize the Korean Sang Yong Na and the Italian Simone Cremona and third prize Terumi Hatashima (Japan) and Cristina Martin (Spain). In the final round were admitted, in addition to the winners, Gianluigi Caldarola (Italy), Minwook Kim (Korea), Diego Loser (Italy) and Johannes Fleischhut (Germany).

Chairman of the prestigious International Jury was Victoria Soames Samek - UK (performer, artistic director of the label "Clarinet Classics, professor at Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School of Music, London) and the components have been Albert Hunt - USA (performer, international coordinator for "Ecuador's Sinfonía por la Vida"), Ludmila Peterkova - CZ (performer, professor at the Conservatory of Music in Prague), Antonio Tinelli - ITA (performer, artistic director of the Competition, professor at the Conservatory of Music "ER Duni" of Matera) and Denis Zanchetta - ITA (performer, clarinetist of the Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro alla Scala of Milan).

The international event offered the opportunity to participate at the evening concerts which an increasing of public in the suggestive Cloister of S. Chiara in Noci (Bari-Italy). The chamber music concert of October 16 was sold out, in which they were masterfully executed two masterpieces of clarinet literature, the quintet of W.A. Mozart KV 581 and J. Brahms Op.115 for clarinet and string quartet, interpreted as exceptional performers, Antonio Tinelli (clarinet) with the Archimede String Quartet composed by Enzo Ligresti and Corrado Genovese (violins), Adorno Gaetano (viola) and Benedetto Munzone (cello). Bis and standing ovation have been very successful demonstration of the concert supported by the Lions Club District Putignano Ab108-Italy.


The event ended with the clarinet Master class held by Victoria Soames Samek.

The International event was organized by the Cultural Music Association Aulos in collaboration with the Municipality of Noci (Bari-Italy) and support from the Apulia Region, Bari Province, Miramonte Party, Consulting Consortium, Park Literary of Puglia "T.Fiore”, Palladium Music and the Tirana Music Association.

The sixth edition is expected and the organization think to the next edition 7th International Clarinet Competition “Saverio Mercadante” to be held 13 to 16 October 2011. All information is available on the official website of the organization







17 October 2010



Boston Conservatory 4th Clarinet Day - Michael Norsworthy, Director, with Guest Artists Richard Stoltzman (Renowned Soloist and Chamber Artist, Shirley Brill (International Artist and recent Geneva Competition Winner), Stephen Williamson (Solo Clarinetist in Metropolitan Opera Orchestra)



Boston, Massachusetts USA


             The 4th Conservatory Clarinet Day held here is a culmination of high powered artistic success lead by Professor Michael Norsworthy, an acclaimed International Solo and Contemporary Music Performer as well as an established teacher.   In the past 3 Clarinet Days, there was a notable sense of high artistic ideal in the faculty who were guests here, and the quality of Master Classes given, no less the Concerts presented.  This year the guest artists included Shirley Brill, a major International Clarinetist who recently won the Geneva Clarinet Competition in Switzerland and comes from Israel, and currently residing in Berlin,  Richard Stoltzman, a major Soloist, Chamber Music artist and have produced several recordings over a 30 year period, and Stephen Williamson, Solo Clarinetist in the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  Programs galleried above show what great things occurred this Sunday, including Music Industry exhibits, where everyone had ample chance to try instruments, accessories, sheet music, and mingle and talk to the artists and friends.





Music Industry Exhibits


Michael Norsworthy Master Class



Shirley Brill Master Class session



Stephen Williamson Master Class



Richard Stoltzman Master Class




                 In addition to the 4 Master Classes given during the day, there was a tribute talk about the late Kalmen Opperman given with Michael Norsworthy and Richard Stotzman, who both were highly connected as students and who gave informative views about Opperman's approach and dedication to his students along with the discipline he expected from all students.  There were 2 handouts about his life which gave an indication of his lifelong work and accomplishments.



               As there are so many now Clarinet programs held all over the country, many promote the same things such as teaching concepts, many similar, but with  different faculty giving the instructive ideas.  Exhibitions are almost at every one of these days,  These are all special days that all able to attend should.    There is too much to learn to miss out.  This program is one of the very important ones, given the Boston location and access to the high cultural merits, and the very high standard of producing this conference thanks to Mr Norsworthy.




16 - 17 October 2010


Clarinettissimo! - University of Washington - Sean Osborne, Director



Seattle, Washington USA


             Saturday morning started off well, with many people looking around
the vendors: Kennelly Keys, Music Centers, and Yamaha. There were
many instruments, and mouthpieces to try, and music to browse. There
were also accessories, CDs, and info about local and national clarinet
             The day's first event was a master class with former Metropolitan
Opera Clarinetist Sean Osborn, which was well attended. Performers
came from as far away as Portland, OR, and audience from as far away
as Arizona. Topics ranged from researching pieces and translating the
words in them, to how to relate the Weber Concertino to young
students, to breathing well, to sophisticated phrasing in unaccompanied
            UW clarinet teacher Jennifer Nelson's master class followed, with
about 70 people in attendance. Performers played Debussy, Messager,
Osborne, and other works. Much was said about air, posture,
confidence, thinking about the music, and breaking in reeds.
            Following a short break, the community clarinet choir
rehearsed. There were about 30 participants, playing Sean Osborn's
orchestration of Debussy's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair." They
were led by William Blayney of the Northwest Clarinet Choir.
            That evening was the Clarinettissimo X concert. Sean Osborn
performed the Weber Concertino and Cahuzac Variations sur un air du
pays d'Oc. Following him was Jennifer Nelson performing a
newly-composed, evocative Bass Clarinet work, "Lone Wolf" by Gregory
Youtz. After Intermission, special guest Dan Gilbert of the
Cleveland Orchestra and University of Michigan was joined by his wife
Donna Lee in Brahms' Sonata No. 1. It was sublime. Following that
was a short, humerous quartet by Pierre Max Dubios performed by Mr.
Osborn, Ms. Nelson, Florie Rothenberg, and Mary Kantor. The finale
was the Clarinet Choir.
             Sunday began with Dan Gilbert's master class, which was well
attended. Students played Berio, Martino, and other music. Much
attention was given to how one moves the air to form phrases, and
concentrating on singing with the instrument. Mr. Gilbert has
devised a series of "bel canto" exercises to teach students, in
addition to the exercises he learned from his primary teacher, David Weber.
            Jazz legend Bill Smith's improvisation workshop followed, where he
introduced the gathered clarinetists to the blues scale and common
jazz chord progressions. Volunteers were chosen to highlight some of
the more subtle ideas through experimentation and their
improvisations over Bill on the piano.
          That evening was Dan Gilbert's recital. It was sensational, and
everyone enjoyed it. He played three American pieces that will soon
be released on his new CD: Bernstein "Sonata", Muczynski "Time
Pieces," and Babin's "Hillandale Waltzes." Also on the program were
two pieces by Louis Cahuzac: "Canteline" and "Arlequin."
          We are grateful to all who made Clarinettissimo possible over the
last 10 years, and this year.




9 - 10 October 2010


Michigan State University Seventh Clarinet Spectacular, Dr Caroline Hartig and Dr Justin O'Dell, Directors


East Lansing, Michigan USA


           The Seventh Spectacular Clarinet Festival Days came through with an expanded to 2 day program packed with intensive activity including several Master Classes given by both resident faculty Dr Hartig and Dr O'Dell, and guest Artist faculty Julia Heinen from the University of California, Michelle Gingras from Miami University in Ohio, emphasizing her expertise in concept with Klezmer music, and Solo Clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony Richie Hawley, the Star Guest, along with David Peno, a Michigan State Graduate under former faculty Professor Keith Stein, and Professor at the University of Texas.




           Dr Heinen placed emphasis on her early Saturday Class with effective warmups with the entire enrollment with clarinets out, with handouts describing all the important steps, which can take 45 minutes before other practice work is started.  Handouts had long tone exercises, along with Klose scales, arpeggios, and varying pattern studies. Highly recommended that this handout be on every music stand as the start of all daily sessions.  She demonstrated all the steps and the students followed to reinforce the ideas.



      Michelle Gingras followed with demonstrations of how Klezmer playing is done, with embouchure changes, lipping, and other tasks and explaining the context of how to make musical sense of this.  Her inspiration and first impression and love for this music evolved with Giora Feidman and she explains the connection.   The participants with their horns out went through the many ideas stated here, and a handout of a Jewish song was played and worked with the students together.  After this class there was discussion from her Book '52 Clarinet Secrets' which gave useful hints in improving performance.



            Both Vandoren and Rico gave seminars with presentations about the process of how reeds are made from the beginnings of cane growing in the plantation fields to the machining of the final product.  Michael Skinner, President of DANSR which imports Vandoren in North America, gave this effective presentation with his experiences working with Vandoren in France and seeing firsthand the entire process.  Rico gave a similar presentation with their methods of manufacture.





          There were several instrument/accessory displays and opportunities to try and buy.  Eric Satterlie, a major instrument repair technician and dealer, was available for on the spot checks and repairs.  Galleries indicate these displays and the interest players had in coming in to browse.



Caroline Hartig Master Class session

Justin O'Dell Master Class session

Richie Hawley Orchestral Master Class



              Master classes with each of the faculty were held with the coaching of each student individually coaching on their issues.


David Peno Art Song Transcription Recital

Richie Hawley Recital


     Concerts were recitals and chamber music with first rate performances.  The above galleries include programs and photos of each.



          As with each Clarinet Day, there is high social and party times at the end.  This year was a very meaningful 2 days and the participants who came were all winners.  There was a raffle, and one student received a Buffet R13 Clarinet which showed the commitment of Buffet towards this program and an indicator of its importance.  Credit for this program squarely goes to Dr Carolyn Hartig and Dr Justin O'Dell, who worked all the logistical and artist preparation for the weekend.  This is an annual event that should attract players from all over.






Dr Denise Gainey in Master Class discussion, and Peter Wright in Class session


4 October 2010


Midwest 15th ClariFest - University of Nebraska - Dr Diane Barger, Director


Lincoln, Nebraska USA


A review by Joshua R. Mietz


On October 4th, 2010 the University of Nebraska—Lincoln was pleased to welcome the 15th Annual Midwest ClariFest (MWCF), hosted by Dr. Diane Barger.  This event featured Dr. Denise Gainey of the University of Alabama—Birmingham and Mr. Peter Wright of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.


The festival started with a master class led by Dr. Gainey in the Kimball Recital Hall.  Teaching students from junior high through graduate school, Gainey addressed a wide range of topics.  These included strategies for consistent air speed, articulation, and how to effectively use a metronome.  To elicit a better use of air, she asked the students to sit in a chair and extend their feet until their legs were parallel with the floor.  This position, she discussed, engages the abdominal muscles and teaches a more solid base from which to support the sound.


Following the master class, the audience was treated to the final round of the High School Solo Competition.  The contestants prepared Cavallini’s Caprice No. 25 and Opperman’s Un Seul for this event.  After the competition, festival judges deliberated and selected Katie McKiernan, a senior at De Soto High School, as the winner.  Dr. Jason Blumenfeld of St. Louis, Missouri generously donated cash prizes for this competition.


During the festival luncheon, Dr. Cynthia Nichols of the University of Nebraska—Omaha presented a discussion entitled What I’ve Learned from My Clarinet Students, wherein she discussed strategies she has developed from helping her students to solve their technical difficulties.  One tip she offered was for teachers to learn to emulate their students’ mistakes so that they may better address these issues.  This session was a great contribution to the festival.


After lunch, Peter Wright conducted a second master class that again featured students from both UNL and neighboring schools.  Later in the day Wright also presented a lecture on orchestral auditions.  He was able to give the students suggestions on typical repertoire as well as practice strategies.  In both the lecture and the master class he strongly advocated using a metronome and that, through a physical movement, such as tapping one’s foot, one can help establish a stronger sense of the pulse in the music.  This lack of even pulse, he said, is frequently a shortcoming heard in many orchestral auditions.


Following Wright’s master class, Gainey presented a lecture on the life and biography of Kalmen Opperman.  Speaking from her own experiences as well as the recollections of others, she was able to provide an account of his teaching and inspiration.  There were more than a few faces that lit up when she relayed Opperman’s famous words: “Practice and hope… but never hope more than you practice.”


The festival continued with an afternoon potpourri recital.  In addition to the MWCF High School Solo Competition winner and UNL students, this recital featured Dr. Antoine Clark of Wayne State College, Dr. Elizabeth Aleksander of Midland College, Janet Hildebrand of Doane College, and Dr. Christy Banks of the University of Millersville.  While each clarinetist highlighted their unique talents, Banks’ performance of her husband Rusty Banks’ work, Parental Discretion for bass clarinet and electronics, was particularly stimulating with its use of portable stereos and recorded material.


The festival concluded with a joint recital of Gainey and Wright. Dale W. Reynolds, also of the University of Alabama—Birmingham, accompanied both clarinetists.  Gainey performed Pulcinella by Eugene Bozza, the Sonata for Clarinet and Piano of Carlos Gustavino, and Lutoslawski’s Dance Preludes.  Wright performed Song and Csardas from Northern Croatia by Emil Cossetto, A Frenetic Poem Strolls and Jay Jay Bee both for solo clarinet by Piotr Szewczyk, Suite from the Victorian Kitchen Garden by Paul Reade, Il Carnevale di Venezia by Béla Kovàcs, and Pocket Size Sonata by Alec Wilder.  Gainey and Reynolds are long-time collaborators, a trait that was apparent to all, especially during the third movement of the Lutoslawski where Gainey demonstrated her outstanding musicality and excitement about the Polish dance.  Wright showed his impeccable technique and playful sense of artistry during the Szewczyk, while the Reade illustrated his more lyrical playing.


The next Midwest ClariFest will be held in the spring of 2013 and the University of Nebraska—Lincoln is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the International Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest®, August 1-5, 2012.  For further information, please contact the Artistic Director, Dr. Diane Barger, at







2 October 2010


United States Marine Band (The President's Own) on Nationwide Autumn Tour with Major Concert in Beckley, West Virginia 2 October 2010


Beckley, West Virginia USA



             From Washington, DC, on tour, The US Marine Band (President's Own) gave a sold out concert to several thousand attendees and gave a substantial program covering important Band literature, Orchestral transcriptions of the Smetana Bartered Bride Overture, Ravel's La Valse, some Pop music, and Sousa Marches, all indicated on the above galleried program.   This is one of the very renowned of the Washington Service Bands, and this one, like the others, go on countrywide annual tours to reach out culturally and nationalistically to the many communities throughout the US, especially where there is limited cultural infrastructure.   The performance this evening was momentous and the Band felt the appreciation from the audience.  Below is more background about this Band.

          “The President’s Own” Marine Band, America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization,  performed October 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium.

           A West Virginia native, Gunnery Sgt. Kevin L. Bennear of Keyser, is a baritone vocalist and concert moderator for the event.

           Founded in 1798, the band has performed for every U.S. President since John Adams. Known as “The President’s Own” since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the Marine Band’s primary mission is to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

           Each fall, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band performs for nearly 100,000 people in communities across America on its annual concert tour. The tour is a tradition initiated by 17 th Director John Philip Sousa more than a century ago.  Today’s Marine Band tours in the fall, and rarely leaves the Washington, DC, area at other times because of a heavy schedule of White House and ceremonial commitments.

           Bennear joined “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band in January 2000, becoming the third featured vocal soloist since the position was established in 1955.  Bennear began his musical instruction at age 9. After graduating in 1990 from Elk Garden High School in Elk Garden, just west of Keyser, he attended Potomac State College in Keyser and earned a bachelor’s degree in music from West Virginia University In 1999, he earned a master’s degree in vocal performance from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.   As Marine Band vocalist and concert moderator, Gunnery Sgt.Bennear has been a soloist at White House state dinners and a featured performer in the annual musical productions of Washington’s Gridiron Club and the Military Order of the Carabao.

         He performs regularly in the Washington, D.C., area and across the country during the band’s annual concert tour.

         For more information on “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band go to


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