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 September 2008 Hot News

                                                      Dr Janice Minor Master Class session

                               Eugene Mondie Master Class on Eb Clarinet and Mozart Concerto

             Participant Clarinet Choir in Rehearsal and Concert, conducted by Dr Marc Boensel

Janice Minor and Eugene Mondie in Recital, and Mike Getzin, Ben Redwine, Janice Minor, and Eugene Mondie

Jazz Finale

27 September 2008

6th Annual Annapolis Clarinet Day - Ben Redwine, Director

Edgewater, Maryland USA

           This special one day Clarinet Day, with 12 hours of activities including two Master Classes, given by Dr Janice Minor, Clarinet Professor at James Madison University at Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Eugene Mondie, 2nd / Eb Clarinetist in the Washington National Symphony, was an enlightening exposure for students and teachers covering important fundamental concepts and ideas.  Both classes exceeded about 2 hours each, and as the galleries display, all levels of students were covered.  Dr Minor covered important basics including how to produce solid tone fundamentals with long tone exercises and making the tone cover the entire range.   Mr Mondie covered with advanced students the Mozart Concerto, and coached a student about posture and not being so dependent on neck straps to hold the clarinet, and showed how that practice made posture problems in making a student lean forward and inhibiting the breath flow and affecting the sound and relaxation one should be able to have. A session covering Eb Clarinet Orchestral excerpts including from Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique and other parts was covered emphasizing accuracy and more relaxation in covering the parts and how that affects auditions.  

            Exhibitors showing Instruments, including the Washington Music Center, Redwine Jazz with Gennusa Mouthpieces, accessories, and recordings made for interesting browsing and on the spot repair checks were also offered. 

            The evening concert included a Clarinet Choir conducted bt Dr Marc Boensel, Dr Minor performing the Schumann Fantasy Pieces and the CM von Weber Concertino Op 26,  Eugene Mondie performing the Finzi 5 Bagatelles and the Debussy Rhapsody,  and finaled with a Jazz medley performed by Ben Redwine, Ben Boker, Cam Collins, Colin Renick, Clarinetists, with Tim Mitchell, Guitar, and JJ Wright, Jazz Pianist.  Gabriel Dobner assisted Minor and Mondie.    

           This event was well worth being involved in as it showed immense talent and excellent teaching that all students should want to fulfill.  The student and teacher attendance was about 25 who came to work with this fine event.  Due credit goes to Ben Redwine for his active role in its success.

Sebastian Manz - Germany

Taira Kaneka - Israel

Shelley Ezra - Israel

Marcos Miranda Perez - Spain

13 September 2008

BR-online (zur Startseite)

57th ARD International Music Competition 2008 - Munich, Germany, concluded 13 September 2008

Munich, Germany

For may artists renowned today, a prize at this international competition acted as a springboard for a later career. Some names include: Jessye Norman, Francisco Araiza, Mitsuko Uchida, Thomas Quasthoff, Yuri Bashmet, Christian Tetzlaff, Sharon Kam, Heinz Holliger, Peter Sadlo, and Maurice André, to mention but a few. [ARD Music Competition] : ARD Music Competition - Springboard for a career from 1952


Candidates and Schedule Clarinet

Stand: 12.09.2008

                                                                 Wettbewerbsgewinner und Sebastian Manz

Sebastian Manz from Germany was awarded both a first prize and the audience prize. Shelly Ezra, Israel, and Taira Kaneko, Israel, got a third prize.


                                        Shelly Ezra, Israel, and Taira Kaneko, Israel, got a third prize.


Finals Friday, September 12, 2008
Time Name Country Result
18.00 Peréz Miranda, Marcos Spain -
  Kaneko, Taira Japan 3rd prize
19.30 Ezra, Shelly Israel 3rd prize
  Manz, Sebastian Germany 1st prize and
audience prize


Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Time Name Country Result
16.00 Delangle, Rémi France  
  Vincent, Régis France  
  Kaneko, Taira Japan Finals
18.00 Ezra, Shelly Israel Finals
  Manz, Sebastian Germany Finals
  Peréz Miranda, Marcos Spain Finals

2nd Round

Sunday, September 7, 2008
Time Name Country Result
10.00 Ottensamer, Daniel Austria  
10.45 Yoshida, Makoto Japan  
12.00 Rehman, Tibor Rumania  
12.45 Krusche, Markus Germany  
16.00 Kaneko, Taira Japan Semi-finals
16.45 Lee, Saerom  Korea  
17.30 Ezra, Shelly  Israel Semi-finals
Monday, September 8, 2008
Time Name Country Result
10.00 Manz, Sebastian Germany Semi-finals
10.45 Borregales, Carmen Venezuela  
12.00 Delangle, Rémi France Semi-finals
12.45 Vincent, Régis France Semi-finals
16.00 Peréz Miranda, Marcos Spain Semi-finals
16.45 Li, Cong China  
18.00 Rumy, Balázs  Hungary  
18.45 Forlani, Joachim Switzerland  

1st Round

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Time Name Country Result
from 10.00 Carter, Timothy USA  
  Cho, Innhyuck Korea  
  Ju, Dong Woo Korea  
  Pell, Christopher USA  
  Roth, Friederike Germany  
  Ottensamer, Daniel Austria 2nd Round
from 16.00 Yoshida, Makoto  Japan 2nd Round
  Pecze, Boglárka Hungary  
  Krusche, Markus Germany 2nd Round
  Lee, Junghwan Korea  
  Rosas, Daniel Brasilia  
Friday, September 5, 2008
Time Name Country Result
from 10.00 Naguel, Tiago Francisco Brasilia  
  Gorokholinskiy, Alexey Russia  
  Vanchestein, Uriel  Canada  
  Elekes, István Rumania  
  Rehman, Tibor Rumania 2nd Round
  Kaneko, Taira Japan 2nd Round
  Lee, Saerom  Korea 2nd Round
from 16.00 Ezra, Shelly  Israel 2nd Round
  Manz, Sebastian Germany 2nd Round
  Borregales, Carmen Venezuela 2nd Round
  Pawelke, Maja Germany  
  Delangle, Rémi France 2nd Round
  Vincent, Régis France 2nd Round
  Negrini, Francesco Italy  
Saturday, September 6, 2008
Time Name Country Result
from 10.00 Peréz Miranda, Marcos Spain 2nd Round
  Mendel, Claudia Germany  
  Lehne, Sebastian Germany  
  Baek, Yang-Ji Korea  
  Li, Cong China 2nd Round
  Zhou, Xiang-yu China  
from 16.00 Rumy, Balázs Hungary 2nd Round
  Chabod, Julien France  
  Forlani, Joachim Switzerland 2nd Round
  Cziger, Tibi Israel  
  Tskhadadze, Levan Georgia  
  Chernyshev, Stanislav Russia  

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11 September 2008

Performances and Instrument Lectures held at the Prague Conservatory and Atrium, Czech Republic   -  10 - 11 September 2008  with Jiri Krejci and Petr Hejny on the early clarinet   (Wanhal-Zach-Lefevre-Sciroli and Beethoven) with Luigi Magistrelli (Professor of Clarinete at the Milan Conservatory in Italy) and Lecture about the the Reform Boehm system Clarinete

Prague, Czech Republic

          During this two day period at the Prague Conservatory and Atrium was held a series of lectures and performance of Early Clarinet works and rarely heard repertoire as performed by Jiri Krejci and Petr Hejny on the early clarinet   (Wanhal-Zach-Lefevre-Sciroli and Beethoven) with Luigi Magistrelli (Professor of Clarinete at the Milan Conservatory in Italy) and lecture-demonstrations about the Reform Boehm System Clarinetes along with the French System for evolutional comparison.  There are recent recordings of many of these works just released as shown on the above galleries.   It is not often that these kind of events are held, which makes it important to be aware of the historical aspects and early music available for performance.  Mr Magistrelli is an authority on this area and has an extensive collection of instruments and has recorded many CD's with early music.

Jon Cohler

Gregory Barrett

Gregory Oaks

Dan Sheridan

Drake University Clarinet Quartet

Riemans Music Buffet Display

6 September 2008

Iowa Clarinet Day 2008 -   Central College and Drake University - Cynthia Doggett, Director

Pella, Iowa, USA

                Iowa Clarinet Day exists to educate and inspire clarinetists of all ages and abilities.  Hosting this event at a variety of colleges and universities around Iowa displays to participants the variety and quality of education available within the state of Iowa.  Additionally, the event brings performances by internationally renowned clarinetists to the state of Iowa, and facilitates collaboration between Iowa clarinet professors and those of surrounding states.  We hope to include an increasing number of participants from across the U.S. in upcoming events.  Our plan is to keep the date in early September in future years, so please keep us in mind for 2009!

              Our most recent guest artist was Jonathan Cohler, and in 2007 our guest artist was Hakan Rosengren.  In addition, there were several clarinet professors from the Midwest who played on a morning "potpourri" recital: Gregory Barrett (Northern Illinois Univ), Gregory Oakes (Iowa State Univ), Clarence Padilla (Drake Univ), Daniel Sheridan (Winona State Univ), Joyce Wheeler (Drake Univ), Kariann Voigts (Simpson College), and Cynthia Doggett (Central College). 
Sponsorship support provided by  Al Maniscalco of Buffet, and Dave Krogan of Rieman Music, is appreciated for making this possible.

1 September 2008

Richard Nunemaker, Bass Clarinetist in Houston Symphony, in Interview regarding his Retirement from the Orchestra with Bob Stevenson of KUHF Houston

Houston, Texas USA

             After serving forty-one years as a member of the Houston Symphony Orchestra Richard Nunemaker will retire August 1, 2008. Andre Previn hired Nunemaker in 1967 as a clarinetist, bass clarinetist and saxophonist.  He has had a varied and prolific career as a symphony musician, concert soloist, recording artist, producer, educator and author.

              Richard will continue to pursue his first love—commissioning and performing new music for clarinet and saxophone. He will also continue teaching at the University of St. Thomas and keep an active private studio. Richard plans to fill out his remaining free time performing as a freelance musician in the greater Houston area.

              During Nunemaker’s tenure with the Houston Symphony he gave many Houston Symphony premieres on subscription and non-subscription concerts such as: the Ingolf Dahl Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra and the Heitor Villa-Lobos, Fantasia for Saxophone and Orchestra Lawrence Foster, conductor, the Pierre Max Dubois Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, Jorge Mester, conductor and the Alexander Glazunov Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, Sergiu Commisiona, conductor. He also performed the Jacques Ibert, Concertino da Camera for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra and the Aaron Copland Clarinet Concerto, Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor. Nunemaker was featured in the Houston Symphony Sounds Like Fun series for two seasons performing his and Robert Nelson’s arrangement of Amazing Grace for Soprano Voice, Clarinet and Orchestra. He was also featured many times with Newton Wayland and the Houston Symphony on the Symphony Pops series and on the New Year’s Eve Gala concerts. Nunemaker was the featured soloist with Wayland and the Houston Symphony Orchestra in three Fourth of July live television broadcasts and two CD recordings: Stompin’ at The Savoy and America Swings on the Pro Arte label performing arrangements he commissioned featuring the Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto, and Tributes to Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman.

       Richard was a founding member of Airmail Special, a quartet of Houston musicians that performed original material for student and family concerts in the Houston area. During its 16-year tenure, Airmail Special presented 350 live performances in the Greater Houston area schools for approximately 70,000 children.

      “ It has been a thrill to be a member of such a great orchestra and to be a part of what I consider to be one of the premiere clarinet and wind sections in the United States today.”

       “ I take pride in having been a participant in the building of this wonderful Houston Symphony Orchestra from the late 1960’s with Andre Previn to the late 1990’s with Christoph Eschenbach. Indeed, those were exciting and exhilarating years.”



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