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November 2008 Hot News

28 November 2008


Elliot Carter with Ayo and Charles Neidich

Charles Neidich with German Custom Clarinet

23 November 2008

Elliott Carter - The First Hundred Years - Concert in Honor Commemoration with The New York Woodwind Quintet of his Wind Music performed at Merkin Hall in New York

New York City USA

           A major commemorative event consisting of a pre-concert seminar followed by a major virtuosity packed performance of the New York Woodwind Quintet with supporting artists took place honoring major American composer Elliot Carter on his 100th Birthday celebration.  It is rare that such an event takes place, with the composer present to discuss the evolution of his composition with input from each of the Quintet players about what his music and style mean to them.  Following this session followed the concert with the Quintet performing his works, including solo pieces written for each of the instruments (flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Piano) and related works, as posted on the galleried program.  Charles Neidich, Clarinetist and longtime friend of Mr Carter (who wrote several works including a new Clarinet Quintet for Neidich and the Juilliard String Quartet earlier this year) was active in the talk showcasing Carter's affinity for wind instrument color and technical capability.   The concert made clear the incredible virtuosity of each of the players and Piano, spanning a timeline of 40 years.  Many events celebrating Mr Carter have taken place with more to come, notably one 13 December in conjunction with the New York Philharmonic with a world premiere to be performed.  This was a world-class event which should inspire all players. 

16 November 2008

Verdehr Trio (Violin, Clarinet and Piano) performs Double World Premieres at Phillips Collection Concert Series

Washington, DC USA

           The Internationally renowned Verdehr Trio performed a concert of established and two world premieres of music for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano, a medium they have pioneered in repertoire growth from 50 works to over 200, a large share commissioned by them, which has enriched the chamber music and especially the clarinet repertoire.  This is the 10th time appearing with many more expected to come.  Two composers, Rick Sowash, who appeared to explain his new work, and Roberto Sierra, had their new works premiered. Information on the above gallery and specific information on the Clarinet Premiere Page.

Jessica Phillips and Maureen Hurd

Erika Block, sister, Jessica Phillips and Mike Getzin

Jessica Phillips and Mike Getzin

9 November 2008

Rutgers University Woodwind Day  - Dr Maureen Hurd, Director

Trenton, New Jersey USA

           An active Sunday at this campus Music Department featured a full day of Conference activity involving all the Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon) and featuring the Rutgers Music faculty, and of interest to Clarinetists renowned 2nd/Eb Clarinetist Jessica Phillips of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and Dr Maureen Hurd, Clarinet Professor and Director of this Woodwind Day.  The day was very informal but substantive, with simultaneous Master Classes for each instrument held in various areas at the school in the afternoon, and Music exhibits from Instrument makers, accessories, Music repertoire, and more.  A noon recital featured faculty and Ms Phillips with formidable performances.

Rico Presentation

Kristen Bertrand talk

Morrie Backun talk on Clarinet Maintenance

Elaine Schlatter of Dillon Music

              Special presentations were given in the morning featuring from Rico Reeds a talk and presentation about the manufacture and quality control  of reeds from the growing and curing of reed cane to the final process to the box,  from Morrie Backun, noted Clarinet designer and maker of the esteemed line of LeBlanc Backun Clarinets, and maker of Bells and Barrels that have seen use worldwide, a talk by renowned New York Repair specialist Kristen Bertrand from Robertos Woodwinds in New York, who briefly discussed important woodwind maintenance and troubleshooting to keep instruments in order, including how and not to bore oil an horn, and the importance of maintaining the condition. During the day, Ms Bertrand saw participants and checked and fixed issues as they saw her.   Talks by Music Dealers (Wright Music, Dillion Music, Joseph Patelson, Mark Sloss, All Point Ligatures) about what made them commit to this business end of the industry, noting their view of the importance of serving players and the education field and spread the positive and important word about the importance of music in everyone's lives.  Years of experience in the performance and teaching fields led these individuals to go this route, some in addition to therr performance and teaching.  It is interesting to note that the success outcome for students is remarkable in their upward accomplishment in their academic work and their cultural awareness and performance competence.

                                                            Maureen Hurd Master Class

                                                          Jessica Phillips Master Class

           In the Clarinet area at the Master Classes held by Dr Hurd and Jessica Phillips, emphasis was on fundamentals and esteem building for students and giving tips on their covering solo repertoire including Weber's Concertino Op 26, and the Stamitz Concerto #3.  A Bass Clarinet student was covered about use of equipment such as mouthpiece and proper reed strength to get more flexible.  Both classes were very useful for the students and teachers present.

           Many students in  the Trenton and New York City area were attending along with Rutgers students, numbering over 150 who came.  This is an important event to post in calendars to attend, and as Jessica Phillips mentioned, to have exhibitors present for participants to browse, is very important all being in one place.  Credit is due to Maureen Hurd for this major event, which is an annual program.



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