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28 April 2007

Eastern Conservatory 4th Annual New Jersey Clarinet Symposium with Pascual Martinez Forteza - NY Philharmonic

Bernardsville, New Jersey USA

           The fourth Annual Symposium was held featuring a large artist faculty including the renowned 2nd Clarinetist Pascual Martinez Forteza of the New York Philharmonic, along with several top tier Orchestral players including David Hattner (Princeton Symphony), Karl Herman  (NJ Symphony), (Robert DiLutis (Rochester Philharmonic), Mark Sloss (Whitehaven Wind Symphony), Guy Chadash, (Clarinet maker), Israel Rischon, Deborah Andrus (Lehigh University), David Gould, (Vandoren), and many others.  The day included performances by the Bonade Clarinet Quartet, the US Marine Band Clarinet Quartet from Washington DC, the Cyrus Ensemble led by Andrew Lamy, and a feature recital with Mr Forteza.         

            Master Class simultaneous sessions by arrangement were convened for interested players and students, and an open Orchestra audtion with judges with the winner receiving a $250 prize and being named an 'Idol'. Exhibitors and sponsors included Buffet-Crampon, Conn-Selmer, Vandoren, and PMC of New Jersey. 


27 April 2007

Karl Leister Master Class and Performance - Northwestern University - 25 - 27 April 1007

Evanston, Illinois USA

          A unique and innovative Masterclass and concert project convened at this great University with the appearance of Berlin Philharmonic legend Karl Leister, who performed a major recital and 2 days earlier an intensive 2 1/2 hour Master Class with 4 major University students mentored by Professor Steve Cohen, former Solo Clarinetist of the Louisiana Philharmonic and a former student of Mr Leister.   Programs for the Class and the Recital posted on the gallery above.  Unique was that the Master Class, open to the public, was Internet Streamed in real-time so anyone on a home computer can see the entire class.  The class will be available to be seen later as soon as a hyperlink is established from the Northwestern University web site.  During the entire Class, Mr Leister placed emphasis on the musical aspect of the works and only mentioning technical pointers only as necessary.  All the students were pro level advanced and could hold their own in the professional field.  Very important was the covering of movements from the major Chamber works such as the Mozart Trio K498 and the Brahms Clarinet Quintet where the ensemble coaching was intense, especially with the viewership from outside the hall.  Steve Cohen introduced the class and took questions from those present and had questions submitted for discussion from e-mails sent in.  Of interest is a newly released MasterClass DVD (best played back on a computer or PAL TV) which is issued through Vandoren Paris. This DVD is highly recommended given the content and teaching value. 

Northwestern University faculty and guests with Leister

Kay Kim and Mike Getzin

Karl Leister and Mike Getzin

Getzin, Leister, and Cohen

Karl Leister and Larry Combs

           The major recital performed included Romantic standard literature and Schubert Song arrangements transcribed and effective.  The lyric and technical performance was nothing less than spellbounding.   It is very difficult to express intangible qualities except to say that it cannot be matched.   Pianist Kay Kim, a graduate of this University and Staff Pianist for the School of Music was probably the most perfect match to fulfill the technical, ensemble, and musical demands with effortless fulfillment.

           Credit is due for all involved, especially Steve Cohen who organized this project with forward thinking perception involving the Internet streaming ideas.  More events like this are surely in the future plan.

Ken Peplowski and the West Virginia Symphony with an informal relaxed Benny Goodman Tribute

20 -21 April 2007

Tribute to Benny Goodman concerts with Jazz Soloist Ken Peplowski with the West Virginia Symphony under Music Director Grant Cooper performed 20 - 21 April 2007 in the Clay Performing Arts Center in Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia USA

        Ken Peplowski, one of the top Jazz Clarinetists performing today, in the same league with greats such as Kenny Davern, Buddy DeFranco, Eddie Daniels, and Artie Shaw, performed a 2 concert Tribute to Benny Goodman (King of Swing) with the West Virginia Pops under Music Director Grant Cooper, to an enthusiastic audience at the recently opened Clay Performing Arts Center in Charleston.  Mr Peplowski and Mr Cooper collaborated throughout the concert reminescing about Goodman's past achievements with his Band, how strict he was with the Band to get his mark edged in his music, his relationships with arrangers who scored many of his tunes, and personal experiences Peplowski had directly with Mr Goodman.  Original arrangements were performed here at these 2 concerts, Performance by the Orchestra and soloist were exciting and very high standard.  The informality of this concert made the experience that much more enjoyable.   All the familiar tunes made famous during this era were performed, and were announced from Ken Peplowski as they were about to be played.

     Of interest although not directly connected to this performance, a pre-concert was performed in the lobby by the West Virginia Youth String Orchestra to bring their stature and contribution to this area. 

Deborah Bish Master Class

Rebecca Rischin Master Class

Dr Paplowski in session on Practice techniques

Clarinet Choir reading session

Gala Potpourri Program

Deborah Bish Recital Program

Bish Biography

Faculty Showcase Recitals

21 April 2007

Ohio University Clarinet Gala

Athens, Ohio USA

       On this sunny Saturday, the annual Clarinet Gala, sponsored by the Ohio University School of Music under Clarinet Professor Dr Rebecca Rischin, was a performance/ teaching success, attracting over 60 players, students, and professors coming from 4 states.   Special Guest from Florida State University was Dr Deborah Bish, who gave a 2 1/2 Master Class with several students, covering a large range of literature, and coaching them on many performance pointers and technical suggestions.  Several other Professionals and Professors shared their aspects including Ann Marie Bingham (Marshall University in West Virginia), Kristina Bellisle (Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio),  Gail Lehto Zugger (Capitol University, Ohio),   Anthony Costa (Dayton Symphony), John Kurokawa, Dayton Symphony Solo Clarinetist, Dr Randall Paul,  (Wright State University), Dr Daniel Paplowski, Indianapolis Symphony, William Bruce Curlette, (Centerville University).   Dr Rischin gave a Master Class that afternoon covering continued pointers and coaching on fundamentals.  Dr Dan Paplowski gave a complete session on effective practicing using 3 sets of 10 points to make the practicing effective and save time in the process.

       A Clarinet Choir reading took place with a full hall of Clarinetists, and following came 2 important recitals, featuring the Potpourri faculty )program in the Galeries), and the Guest Artist Recital with Dr Bish.  Performances were in many ways stellar.

        This one day Clarinet event is one of the important days in the Eastern US, and an important opportunity for players to engage the performance / teaching field.  Dr Riscin has arranged this event for over 5 years to great success.

Richard Stolzman with Luigi and Laura Magistrelli, Albero Serrapiglio and Sergio Delmastro ( clarinet teachers at the

Milan Conservatory)

Group photo of Stoltzman visit and Master Class

2 - 3 April 2007

Milan Conservatory Master Class Week with Richard Stoltzman with Performance with the Verdi Orchestra headed by Professor Luigi Magistrelli 2- 3 April 2007.

Milan, Italy

      At this major Conservatory in Milan, this 2 day event encompassing intensive master classes and performances featuring noted soloist Richard Stoltzman and a major concert with the Verdi orchestra ( Debussy Premiere Rhapsody and Takemizu) held before the classes took place.   Stoltzman listened to 12 advanced students the Brahms Sonatas, the Rossini Introduction, Theme and  Variations, Bernstein Sonata, Stravinsky 3 Pieces, and the Copland Concerto.  Professor Luigi Magistrelli is Director who made this Master Class event possible, and responsible for past Conferences and Competitions involving world class players and teachers. 

    Richard Stoltzman is known worldwide as a prime soloist and chamber music artist, having recorded all the major Clarinet literature on several labels and in demand for tours and Festival events.


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